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Further Notes From The Midlands
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Waterloo Sunset
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Live From An Island
Where We Start

Literary Heritage West Midlands

a history of the area of
Aston, Birmingham

a section from a very extensive
website on workhouses, put together
by Peter Higginbotham

the site is about Roman roads,
in particular those that have been
discovered in Birmingham

a history of the ancient
parish of
Handsworth, Birmingham
 a fascinating insight into
the natural history and cultural
heritage of the Potteries area
using material selected from
The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery's
collections. use the site to explore
 local buildings or to investigate
our native wildlife.

preserving the birthplace of
the Industrial Revolution

keeping the past alive

growing up Handsworthian.
roaming far and wide
but never really leaving
we remember

histories of a Birmingham

Local history site for
the Perry Barr area
of Birmingham

take a journey along a
16th Century map of
Shropshire, on a hike
up Haughmond Hill and
delve into coal mining in
East Shropshire. Or, pursue
your own interests through
the huge searchable resource
of 30,000 digitised materials.
There will be maps, old
documents, old and new
photographs of buildings,
towns, archaeological sites
and finds, wildlife photos,
landscapes, nature reserves,
geology and much more!

an extensive digital archive,
featuring outstanding material
depicting the cultural history
and heritage of the county.
material will be drawn from
collections held by institutions
and private individuals across
the county

Resources include an
extensive collection of old
photographs, original artworks
 - including paintings, tapestries
and ceramics, unique historical
documents and books, old maps,
functional items and even prehistoric
fossils and geological specimens.
Together these add up to a
fascinating and unique record of
the county

The workhouse was 19th century
England’s attempt to solve the
problem of poverty.a series of
articles from the Stoke-on-Trent
Museum and Art Gallery

Wolverhampton Journal

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