On An Island

Volume 1
Where We Begin
Eye and Ear
From Town and City
Travellers Tales
What Celia Sees
Daniel Defoe 1660-1731
William Camden 1551-1623
The Mysteries Of London
The Life of a Coster Girl
Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard
Further Notes From The Midlands
Lichfield Miscellanies
Seven Strong Spires
Before Us Stands Yesterday
Albion Band 1998 - 1999
London Calling
Stuart Hibberd 1893 - 1983
John Logie Baird 1888 - 1946
Are You Sitting Comfortably?
Ghosts and Marvels
Casting the Runes
An Episode Of Cathedral History
The Tractate Middoth
More Ghosts and Marvels
Negotium Perambulans
Dulce Et Decorum Est
War Requiem
Poems by Wilfred Owen
"They called it Passchendaele"
Other Poets 1914 - 1918
C.S. Lewis: A Letter
C. S. Lewis 1898 - 1963
Joyce Grenfell 1919 - 1979
An Interview With Richard Thompson
BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2006
Horkstow Grange
The Radio Ballads
Two Songs Of England
A Band For England
Waterloo Sunset
Vashti Bunyan
Just Another Diamond Day
David Gilmour
On An Island
Live From An Island
Where We Start

On An Island

a laid-back, utterly elegant English record
-Thom Jurek reviewing On An Island (AMG)



Castellorizon (Gilmour)
David – guitar

On An Island (Gilmour/GilmourSamson)
David – vocals, guitars, electric piano, percussion
David Crosby – vocals
Graham Nash – vocals
Richard Wright – Hammond organ
Rado Klose – guitar
Guy Pratt – bass
Andy Newmark – drums
The Blue (Gilmour/Samson)
David – vocals, guitars, bass, percussion, piano
Richard Wright – vocals
Andy Newmark – drums
Jools Holland – piano
Chris Stainton – Hammond organ
Rado Klose – guitar
Polly Samson – piano

Take A Breath (Gilmour/Samson)
David – vocals, guitars
Guy Pratt – bass
Ged Lynch – drums
Phil Manzanera – keyboard
Leszek Mozdzer – piano
Caroline Dale – cello
Red Sky At Night (Gilmour)
David – guitars, saxophone
Caroline Dale – cello
Chris Laurence – double bass
Ilan Eshkeri – programming

This Heaven (Gilmour/GilmourSamson)
David – guitars, vocals, bass
Georgie Fame – Hammond organ
Phil Manzanera – keyboards
Andy Newmark – drums
Drum samples courtesy of Adam Topol and Jack Johnson
Then I Close My Eyes (Gilmour)
David – guitars, bass harmonica, cumbus
BJ ColeWeissenborn guitar
Phil Manzanera – piano
Robert Wyatt – cornet, voice, percussion
Andy Newmark – percussion
Caroline Dale – cello
Alasdair Malloy – glass harmonica
Smile (Gilmour/Samson)
David – guitars, vocals, percussion, Hammond organ, bass
Willie Wilson – drums
Polly Samson – vocals
A Pocketful Of Stones (Gilmour/Samson)
David – guitars, vocals, Hammond organ, piano, bass, percussion
Leszek Mozdzer – piano
Lucy Wakeford – harp
Alasdair Malloy – glass harmonica
Chris Laurence – double bass
Chris Thomas – keyboard
Ilan Eshkeri – programming

Where We Start (Gilmour)
David – guitars, vocals, bass, percussion, Hammond organ
Andy Newmark – drums
Orchestral arrangements by Zbigniew Preisner.
Conducted by Robert Ziegler.
Orchestra recorded at Abbey Road Studios by Simon Rhodes.
Orchestral Leader: David Juritz.
Strings contracted by Hilary Skewes,
Buick Production Ltd.

8. Smile

On An Island

Produced by David Gilmour,
Phil Manzanera and
Chris Thomas.

Recorded by Andy Jackson
and David Gilmour.
Assisted by Damon Iddins,
Devin Workman
and Jamie Johnson.
Technical support by Phil Taylor.

Recorded at Astoria, Abbey Road,
British Grove, Gallery Studio,
and at home.

On An Island

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"On An Island is a positive, affirming work. There's nothing dramatic to set the pulse quickening, but with a title like On An Island such moodswings could scarcely be contemplated. Instead, this is the sound of a man enjoying life who has nothing to prove and no-one to answer to. As David Gilmour is well on the way to being declared a national treasure, it rings true."

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